Our Services

Senior Pension Consultants

Our Services

Defined Benefit Plans

  • Prepare all 5500 filings
  • IRS determination letters
  • Bonding against non-compliance operational error
  • Compilation and Evaluation of Census Information
  • Development of Benefit Structure
  • Analysis of Key Employee Relationships
  • Analysis of Application of Funding Vehicles
  • Projection of Anticipated Costs
  • Determination of Alternative Benefits, Rights and Features
  • Determination of Retirement Dates and Features
  • Preliminary Plan Testing
    • IRC §410(b) Coverage Testing
    • IRC §401(a)(26) Plan Coverage Minimum
    • IRC §415(b) Maximum Benefit Testing
    • IRC §414(q) Highly Compensated Status
    • IRC §401(a)(4) Non-Discrimination Testing
    • IRC §401(l) Permitted Disparity
  • Development of Companion Plan Structure
  • Contribution Allocation Analysis
  • Application of ADP and ACP
  • Gateway Contribution Development
  • Development of Cross-Testing Support
  • IRC §415(c) Maximum Contribution Testing
  • Combined Plan Analysis
  • Analysis of IRC §404(a)(7) Limitations and Testing
  • Floor Offset Arrangements

Third Party Administrative Services

Record Keeping
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Segregated Accounts
  • Participant Loan Set-Up
  • Participant Loan Maintenance
  • Defined Benefit Participant Benefit Calculation
  • Defined Contribution Distribution Election Forms
  • Minimum Distribution (After age 70 1/2)
  • Amendments to existing plan documents
  • Plan merger documents
Government Forms
  • Annual Return Extension
  • Separated Participants with vested benefits Form SSA
  • Qualified Plan Distribution Forms 1096 & 1099R
Plan Terminations
  • Defined Benefit Plan without IRS filing
  • Defined Benefit Plan with IRS filing
  • Defined Contribution without IRS filing
  • Defined Contribution Plan with IRS filing
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