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Add The Online Customized Pension Experts™ to Your Team.

We know CPAs and Tax Attorneys.

Some of us are CPAs and Tax Attorneys, and the rest of us have many years of in depth experience helping tax advisors better serve their clients. We are comitted to working with you to design compliant, effective retirement plans for your clients.

We involve the tax advisor from the start.

We know that clients rely on you as a trusted advisor, and believe that we can enhance your credibility, standing, and value with the successful business owners you serve. We keep you involved and informed throughout the design and implementation of each plan you work with.

Use defined benefit plans to deliver powerful tax savings to high-income small business & self-employed clients.

We are experts in the design and implementation of customized defined benefit plans--provided through the Internet, anywhere in the USA.We specialize in 412(e)(3) fully insured pension plans, which can be integrated with other qualified plans to optimize your clients' benefits.

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