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We Help Businesses Design, Establish, and Fund Insured Defined Benefit Plans

Our staff has an exceptional level of experience, with relationship managers averaging 35 years or more of tenure in the retirement industry. We have extensive knowledge of the pension and retirement markets – along with a keen understanding of the issues small businesses face. This combination of skills gives us the ability to help you create a plan that truly meets your needs and maximizes the value of your plan.

In addition to working with leading vendors to fund the plans, we handle fully insured plan administration. Our turn-key program simplifies administration by offering the following services to clients:

  • Actuarial plan design
  • IRS approved plan documents
  • Simplified installation
  • Plan administration
  • Compliance testing
  • Annual government filing assistance

Turn-key Plan Installation

  • Bonding against non-compliance operational error
  • Compilation and Evaluation of Census Information
  • Development of Benefit Structure
  • Analysis of Key Employee Relationships
  • Analysis of Funding Vehicles
  • Projection of Anticipated Costs
  • Determination of Alternative Benefits, Rights and Features
  • Determination of Retirement Dates and Features
  • Preliminary Plan Testing
    • IRC §410(b) Coverage Testing
    • IRC §401(a)(26) Plan Coverage Minimum
    • IRC §415(b) Maximum Benefit Testing
    • IRC §414(q) Highly Compensated Status
    • IRC §401(a)(4) Non-Discrimination Testing
    • IRC §401(l) Permitted Disparity
  • Development of Companion Plan Structure
  • Contribution Allocation Analysis
  • Application of ADP and ACP
  • Gateway Contribution Development
  • Development of Cross-Testing Support
  • IRC §415(c) Maximum Contribution Testing
  • Combined Plan Analysis
  • Analysis of IRC §404(a)(7) Limitations and Testing
  • Floor Offset Arrangements
  • IRS determination letters
  • Form 5500 filings

Third Party Administrative Services

Record Keeping
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Segregated Accounts
  • Participant Loan Set-Up
  • Participant Loan Maintenance
Government Forms
  • Annual Return Extension
  • Separated Participants with vested benefits Form SSA
  • Qualified Plan Distribution Forms 1096 & 1099R
  • Form 5500
  • Amendments to existing plan documents
  • Plan merger documents
Plan Terminations
  • Defined Benefit Plan without IRS filing
  • Defined Benefit Plan with IRS filing
  • Defined Contribution without IRS filing
  • Defined Contribution Plan with IRS filing
  • Defined Benefit Participant Benefit Calculation
  • Defined Contribution Distribution Election Forms
  • Required Minimum Distributions (After age 70 1/2)

Now’s the time to focus on retirement

Don’t put off saving for retirement any longer. Learn how a fully-insured plan can help you focus on your retirement savings.

Our financial professionals can prepare a personalized plan design illustration for you to determine if a fully-insured plan is right for you and your business. The illustration will show you how much you can contribute and your future retirement benefits.

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